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Serenbe’s new village, high-end hotel, spa move forward

Twenty-five minutes south of the Atlanta airport is the Serenbe community — a study in master-planned new urbanism with an emphasis on the confluence of design, art, agriculture, and preservation of nature.

A favorite among those who value the convenience of serenity and seclusion, while at the same time having the walkable option of good food, drinks, and sophisticated activities, the area has boomed in the decade since it sprouted from the forests of Chattahoochee Hill Country, one of the last large rural areas within a half-hour of the airport.

Thanks to Serenbe’s popularity, work is now well underway on a $250-million expansion known as Mado. The new cluster of development is based on the notion of health and wellbeing, and will include high-end medical offices, a cluster of senior living, and memory care facilities sharing space with a preschool.

Construction is nearing completion on some of the first homes in Mado.
Michael Kahn, Curbed

Officials say a focal point of the development will be an ultra-luxe “destination” spa to rival some of the most highly regarded around the world. The design will be inspired by Scandanavian minimalism.

Founder of Serenbe, Steve Nygren, is mum on the details, but he anticipates a collaboration that could draw people seeking upscale spa treatments from around the world. Nygren indicates that the proximity to Hartsfield-Jackson and the surrounding natural serenity are major factors in drawing potential collaborators in.

Project leaders expect the spa, coupled with the high-end hotel, to draw celebrities, dignitaries, and other well-heeled individuals. Though it will also be open to the general public as well.

A sculpture at the edge of the Wildflower Meadow at Serenbe.
Michael Kahn, Curbed

The first homes in Mado are already nearing completion, with work to begin on the commercial facilities, boutique hotel, and spa, starting in the coming year.

Below are some glimpses from this promotional Vimeo video:



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